How do I get a conviction for my DUI 23152(b) expunged

Question:  How do I get a conviction for my DUI 23152(b) expunged?   I got five years ago and how much would it cost?  Is there a time limit for me to get the charge expunged?  And if so, did I miss it?  I don’t live in Los Angeles anymore and my DUI was in Van Nuys, CA.  If I hired you could you handle it without me having to go to court?

Answer:  I can help you with the expungement process. In most cases, I can get expungements of DUI 23152 charges granted. Fee would be $1,200 for a DUI 23152 VC expungement to handle it, although I may be able to work with you on the fee.  Call me at (818) 336-1384. Once I find out a little more about your case, I can let you know if I see any problems with your case, or if it is one that I feel strongly I can get expunged.

To answer your question about handling your case even though you live out of town now, yes, I could handle getting the conviction dismissed in Van Nuys for you without you having to appear in court.

I should also note that technically in California, the process is called a 1203.4 dismissal, although it is often referred to as an expungement.  There is more information about getting your conviction dismissed here:  Dismissal of convictions


Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney
Dismissal of Convictions; Expungements