How do I address an outstanding violation for drunk in public 647(f) and I left the states?

Question: I was arrested for drunk in public in Santa Fernando a few years ago and never went to court on it.  I broke up with a long time girlfriend and was having a bit of a tough time dealing with it, and drinking too much.  I realized after getting arrested that I just needed to get away for a bit so I came to visit a friend in Las Vegas and never left.

I am still living in Vegas now and have not come back to Los Angeles to deal with this.  I prefer not to come back to Los Angeles and San Fernando if I do not have to. It is weighing on me and I would like to get this cleared up, but I also don’t want to spend a lot of time in jail, or any for that matter.  How do I address an outstanding violation for drunk in public 647(f) and I left California?

Answer:  There are a few options.  One is that you can hire a Criminal Defense attorney to handle this matter for you.  Generally, the course of action for this is to recall the case, recall the warrant, than handle the outstanding issue for the 647(f) drunk in public charge.  And may even be possible for me to handle this case from beginning to end without you needing to step foot in court, while mitigating the penalties to avoid jail time, as well as other benefits. I have a long history of getting drunk in public charges reduced to infractions (fine only) or completely dismissed on my clients behalf.

I would like to hear a little bit more about what happened on the night of your arrest before I make an assessment on your situation in more detail.  For more information on this charge, check out:  Drunk in public.  You can reach me at (818) 336-1384 to discuss in further detail.


Phil Hache
Attorney for Drunk in Public charges