Question: Do I stand a chance hiring a lawyer for dui dismissal from San Fernando Court?

Answer: I would need some clarification on what happened, but it is possible to get DUI charges dismissed. Sometimes a complete dismissal is possible, sometimes entering a plea to a less severe charge is an option and/or mitigating consequences. You should speak to an attorney in more detail about your case, as there are a lot of follow questions. For example. What court is your hearing in? What were the results of your blood test (if you know), etc.

Also, I recommend contacting an attorney sooner as opposed to later so the attorney can stop the DMV from suspending your license 30 days after your arrest date. There is a short window (10 days) to put that request in with the DMV. You can call me at 818-336-1384 (818-336-1DUI) if you want to speak about your case in more detail.


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