Question: Can I be charged with a DUI but not given a reason for being pulled over? I was pulled over for DUI in Encino near Van Nuys with Court in Van Nuys, CA

Answer: If the cop did not have any probable cause for stopping you, it is possible to get the charges dismissed. This is often done by what is called a 1538 suppression motion. If that is successful, then everything after the stop basically goes away, including the charges. Feel free to contact me through if you would like to discuss your case in more detail. Keep in mind that often there are a few rounds of discovery that may occur prior to the suppression motion being brought, so it may not be a situation where the charges are dropped on the first court date. I can speak to you about the process in more detail if you want to call me at 818-336-1DUI. Also, it is possible that the officer had probable cause to pull you over (or claims he did in the police report). This would be determined once I started working your case, started getting the discovery, etc.
Phil Hache,
Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney
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