Probation violation for missing court date

Probation violation for missing court date

Question:  What should my daughter do if she willingly missed a court hearing for her misdemeanor DUI after completing traffic school?  She has major anxiety issues, bipolar disorder, and other health and mental issues. There are official documents that show that she has been hospitalized due to her conditions in the past. Will those documents be helpful here?  Her case is in Los Angeles County if that helps.

She wants to avoid jail time, if possible.  Do you think it is possible for her to avoid jail time or will the Judge insist that she go to jail again?  Also, would they take her into jail immediately?  or give her time to prepare for it?  Finally, how much jail time do you think she would do in the event the judge enforced jail time on her?

Thanks for your anticipated response.

Missed your court date?

Answer:  My understanding of your question is that your daughter was convicted of a DUI, successfully completed the court required alcohol program, but never went to court to show proof of completion? What about payment of any fines, were those paid timely, or no? Any other conditions of probation not met by the initial court ordered deadline?

It is possible for a DUI attorney to get the probation reinstated without having to do jail time. It is also something that should be handled sooner as opposed to later. It is likely that the Judge issued a bench warrant for her arrest since she did not comply with the terms of probation and missed a court date/deadline. The sooner a bench warrant is recalled and quashed and the probation violation issues dealt with, the more likely a DUI attorney will be able to get sympathy and understanding from a Judge to mitigate any potential consequences.

What court in Los Angeles county is her criminal matter in?

Feel free to discuss your daughters situation in more detail.  I have successfully resolved similar situations in court without my client having to do any jail time, and getting the probation reinstated.


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