Los Angeles DUI reduced to wet reckless

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Los Angeles DUI reduced to wet reckless

Question:   I was arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles, CA about a week ago with a 0.11 blood alcohol content.   I was pulled over for a license plate light out on my car.  The officer also claimed an observation of a phone in my hand, but I was talking on speaker phone and not holding the phone to my ear, so I don’t think that will be an issue.

Following getting pulled over I was asked, and volunteered to a Field Sobriety tests.  I did them and I felt I did very well on all of them. I was then asked to blow into a breath machine on the scene and was told this was another field test, and I would still have to blow at the station if arrested.  I  blew a .10 on the breath machine outside my car.  I was then arrested and taken into the jail station.

That is where I blew the 0.11.  I ended up spending the night in jail and was released in the morning.

Is it possible to get this reduced to a wet reckless since this is my first offense Driving Under the Influence charge ever?

Will being represented by a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer help me at all?   Thank you

Answer:   It is possible to get the DUI charge reduced to a lesser offense such as a wet reckless or potentially even a non-alcohol related offense. The chances of getting the DUI charges reduced to a lesser offense increase with an experienced DUI attorney in Los Angeles to handle and defend you on your case in criminal court, as well as the DMV. Note that you or your DUI attorney only has 10 days from the date of arrest to request a DMV hearing.

I have been successful at getting DUI charges reduced to lesser offenses even when the BAC level came back above a .20 in some circumstances.

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