Passenger in car driver arrested for DUI

Question: Will police contact my mother if her name is on the registration? During a DUI investigation will police contact the owner of the car (who was not the person driving during the incident) or the person who was in the car as a witness during the DUI? for example: my car is under my mothers name but I drive it. My friend was driving it when she got a DUI I was the passenger. She gave wrong information which I was not aware of. in which case most likely an investigation might take place. Will police contact my mother since her name is on the registration or me since I was there at the moment of the incident?
Answer: To clarify, what type of wrong information did she give? Did she not have a license on her verifying her information (ie. Name, drivers license number, etc). Did she provide them with a fake I.D. and get away with it even after being arrested? Usually there is not much of an “after the fact” investigation by the arresting agency or prosector of passengers in a car when someone else is arrested for a DUI. But depending on issues down the road or other unknowns in this scenario, it could be possible. In the event that you do get contacted by authorities for an investigation, I would recommend consulting with an attorney prior to speaking to anyone else.

Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney