defending yourself in a San Fernando DUI case

Defending yourself in a San Ferando DUI case

(generally not a good idea)

Question: How can I defend myself from a DUI that I got? I was arrested for DUI in San Fernando, CA the other day and want to know what I should do in my case.  For example, how do I fight the case?  Can I just explain to the judge what happened and why the cops were wrong for arresting me?
Also, want to tell them that I am a college student about to graduate and having a DUI conviction would hurt me in trying to get a job soon.  Other than this my record is clean so I am hoping they will understand and let me off with a warning.
Answer: The best thing to do is to retain an experienced DUI defense attorney to defend you in court. One that is knowledgeable about forensic science and the defenses to breath and blood tests, as well as other matters that come into play with DUI defense. There is way too much to know about court procedure and DUI defense than can be relayed in an internet post.
Although I understand your desire to talk to the judge about how a dui conviction would negatively effect your career moving forward, it is not somethint that a Judge is going to listen to at an arraignment date (or any other point for that matter pre-sentencing).  Although I understand the issues that or causing you stress, it’s just not how the criminal court system works, and there is procedure that has to be acknowledged with how and when things are done.
I would recommend consulting with a DUI attorney about your case in more detail, and then going from there. Call me at 818-336-1DUI if you would like to discuss your case in more detail to set up a free consultation.
DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney Phil Hache