How can I legally make my ex-girlfriend leave my house?

Question: I am trying to legally make my ex-girlfriend to leave my house, but she won’t go. Asking her and trying to reason with her has proved useless. I have asked my ex-girlfriend to leave but she won’t. She has became violent with me and my dog . She goes to where I work to start problems for me with other co-workers and my boss. The house belongs to my mother and she is not on the lease and no other written agreement that she can stay there. She does not pay any bills or rent. She has had me arrested before without cause and holds that over me even though no charges were ever filed.

Answer: I am sorry to hear about your situation. There may be landlord/tenant legal avenues you can use to get her evicted/out of her house. I do not handle that area of law, but can refer you to a firm that does if you would like

That being said, based on what you wrote, I would recommend filing for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (often referred to as DVRO) to protect you and your dog from future potential harm and harassment. I can help you with that as I have a strong track record of handling these matters. If granted, the restraining order can include a “stay away” and move out order (ie. she would be ordered to move out of your house and stay a certain amount of distance away from you such as 100 yards away), not contact you directly or indirectly, no go near your place of employment, etc. It is possible to get attorney fees awarded as well (ie. she would have to reimburse attorney fees you incurred as a result of the restraining order process). Additionally,

I handle DVRO’s and I can help you with this. Feel free to call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss your situation further.

Thanks, Phil Hache, Attorney