IID required for a DUI conviction?

Question:  I was arrested for a DUI in Van Nuys, CA.  It has been 9 months since I have driven due to DMV, DUI suspension. Will I have to install an IID?

I was arrested over 9 months ago on suspicion of DUI but have not been convicted yet.  The court date for this arrest has not come up yet.  There was an initial court date that was pushed back because CHP filed it late and so the Court rescheduled the date.

My driver license was suspended by the DMV directly but I have not driven even though I was eligible to apply to reinstate my drivers license after trhee months.

If I am convicted for a DUI, will I still have to install an IID, or will the time that I’ve spent not driving without a vehicle be applicable to the time that I would have had to install an IID?  I need to start driving soon and because I sold my car after my arrest and haven’t driven since I am hoping to be able to just get a restricted license without having to install an IID.

Is that possible?  I am also concerned with all the other things as well, but for now would just like to know about the IID since I am getting confused about it with what I am reading online.  Some people saying I will need to get it, others saying I won’t…

Answer:  If you are convicted of a DUI in Los Angeles County, the DMV will require that you get an IID installed regardless of the separate license suspension served based on the Admin Per Se suspension. Since your court date is in Van Nuys, CA which is in Los Angeles county, there will be an IID requirement if convicted of a DUI.   If you are able to get the DUI dismissed and reduced to a lesser offense, then there will not be a mandatory IID requirement from the DMV.

I would recommend that you discuss your case in more detail with a DUI attorney.  The chances of getting the DUI dismissed and avoiding an IID increase with an experienced DUI attorney handling your case…along with all the other benefits that go along with having an attorney representing you in court.

I regularly handle DUI cases in Van Nuys and get very good case results there.  I have successfully gotten DUI charges dismissed even in cases with High Blood alcohol content levels, or aggravating factors such as car accidents.

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