If I am convicted of a 2nd DUI in Van Nuys, CA, can I get a restricted Right Away with an Interlock Device IID. Is this only an option in Los Angeles, CA?

Answer: If convicted of a 2nd DUI, You will be eligible to get a restricted license on a 2nd DUI after 90 days if you get an IID device and meet the other requirements (ie. enroll in the alcohol class, etc). This is state wide (not a pilot program). Up until recently 2nd time DUI offenders had to wait much longer to get a restricted license, and did not have the IID option to get the restricted license in 90 days. If there is also a probation violation issue, then you may not be eligible for this option
There is a pilot program in four counties in CA that pertains to IID, but that is for a mandatory IID, and does not pertain to the option of getting the work restricted license after 90 days (for 2nd time DUI offender) with the installation of an IID.
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