Huntington Park DUI and Criminal Defense

Arrested in Huntington Park?

If you were arrested for a DUI or other Criminal offense in Huntington Park, it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable Attorney representing you in Court.   I understand that what you are going through is probably not an experience you want to go through at all, and certainly not alone.  Having an Attorney handling your case can be helpful not only in trying to minimize any charges and potential consequences associated with the arrest, but also help with dealing with the whole situation which can be much more than just a distraction with day to day living while the case is pending.

So what does a good defense attorney offer?  I guess that question can be subject to different answers, but I listed below a few of the qualities that I believe are important in retaining a DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney:

1.  Experience in criminal courts, their procedures and practices.  Although there are many attorneys in Los Angeles, it is important to have an attorney that focuses in DUI and Criminal defense that is familiar with how the courts run.  For example, someone may be a great patent attorney, but not have a good grasp of what to do in criminal courts, which motions to file, how to pick out strengths in defending a case, and how to use those strengths to properly negotiate a good resolution to the case.

The Law Office of Philip D. Hache is a DUI and Criminal Defense law office.  If someone calls the office looking for a real estate attorney, I forward them to someone else who knows that world.  I know the DUI and criminal defense world, and can very effectively defend my clients in those cases.

2.  Knowledge on how to defend cases.  I know how to defend DUI and Criminal Defense cases.  I know what to look for, how to attain discovery that is not initially turned over by prosecutors that may be helpful in defending my clients cases.  I know how to file motions to potentially get charges dismissed, and I know case law that can help bring favorable results for my clients.

In regards to DUI defense, I am trained and very familiar in forensic toxicology, and challenging breath and blood tests, as well as field sobriety tests.

3.  Personal Representation:  It is possible when you meet with another law firm, you may talk to one attorney, but by the time your court date comes up, there is someone who you never met before trying to handle your case.  That would likely frustrate me if I were a client, and is not the case when you retain me to handle your case.

I handle my cases personally.  I go to the court hearings.  I negotiate with the prosecutor and deal with the Judge directly on your case.  When you have a question about your case, you speak to me directly.  I believe that is important.

Feel free to call me at (818) 336-1384 to discuss your case in more detail.


Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney

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