Compton DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a family member were recently arrested for a DUI or another Criminal charge in or near Compton, CA, it is important to have a qualified and experienced Attorney represent you in Court.  As we all know, consequences for criminal convictions can be severe.  If possible, it is my goal to get the charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense, and to mitigate any potential consequences.

Compton DUI and Criminal Defense

I know that being arrested is a nerve racking and often embarrassing situation to be in.  You are not alone.  Good people get arrested all the time.  Either for being falsely accused or something, the result of a poor police investigation, or perhaps they just made a mistake.

Often times my clients come to me and inform me that they made a mistake, and regret their decision.  Just because a mistake was made, does not mean that you deserve any less of a defense.

I pride myself in the work I do for my clients, defending them in court, and at DMV hearings in the event of a DUI arrest or other DMV matter.  Further, I provide personal service.  When you have a question about your case, you will speak to me, not someone else that you have not heard of before.  I will be the Attorney giving you updates on your case.  I will be the Attorney working your case thoroughly from beginning to end to get a favorable resolution.

I am very experienced in defending DUI and Criminal Charges in general.  I have a successful track record, recognition from legal organizations and awards.  But the recognition I am most proud of is that from my previous clients.  Some of my recent comments from clients can be found here:  Client Testimonials

It is my job to not only defend my clients, but also to put my client’s mind at ease so they can move on with their life and responsibilities.  I understand the importance of both of those concerns, and I strive to accomplish both for all of my clients.

Feel free to call me at (818) 336-1384 to discuss your case in more detail either by phone or in person.  There is no charge for the initial consultation.  I look forward to speaking with you.


Phil Hache
Compton DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer
Defending clients throughout Los Angeles and surrounding counties in California