How does Interlock restriction work for other cars i don't own

Question: Can i drive a vehicle for work if i have an ignition interlock order? Am i able to drive for my employer?
Also, the interlock order states i must have the device installed in any vehicle registered in my name. Does this mean I can drive my friend’s car without an interlock?
Answer: I am making some assumptions here because I don’t have all the details of your case. But if there is an Interlock ignition (IID) order, then that means that you can only drive a car that has a properly maintained and calibrated (and functioning) IID on it. There is a potential exception if it is your employer owned car that you are driving for work purposes, but you would not be able to drive a friends car if it is not properly equipped with an IID during the course of your IID restriction. Was your IID requirement based on a DUI conviction in one of the pilot counties (ie. A DUI in Los Angeles County?) Or was the IID based on something else (ie. a VC 14601.2 driving on a suspended license conviction)?
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer