First time .08 DUI in San Fernando Court

First time .08 DUI  in San Fernando Court

Question: What can I do for a first time .08 DUI in San Fernando Court?  I was arrested a couple days ago and given a citation and a pink piece of paper.  The officer took my drivers license and told me I had to schedule a hearing with the DMV, but didn’t tell me how to do that.  I have been researching this a little on my computer but I am reading so many things that are just scaring me more.  I just want to get an attorney to try to help me and move on with my life.  It was a mistake but I am a good person with never getting arrested before.  I read some good things about you.  Do  you have time to take on my case?

Answer: If your BAC was a .08, particularly if there was no accident involved, there is a good chance that I could get the DUI charge dismissed andreduced to a lesser charge without having to go to trial (this would generally happen during pre-trial negotiations).  I have even walked away from cases like this with no conviction at all.  I regularly get these results under similar circumstances (see “DUI Successful Case Results” for some results of prior cases), and have done so in San Fernando Court as well as other courts throughout Los Angeles County.

Further, as the officer informed you, you or your DUI attorney will have to get a DMV hearing so that the DMV does not move forward with an automatic license suspension based on a .08 or higher Blood alcohol level. I can handle this for you and have a good track record of getting favorable results.

I am aware of case law, legal and evidential analysis and arguments that can lead to winning DMV hearings as well as in the criminal cases.  I have spoken at seminars to other Attorneys on how to win DMV hearings and am regularly called upon to assist others with helping them with their cases.  I would be happy to help you with your case.  Call me at 818-336-1384 so we can discuss your DUI case in more detail and discuss how I can help you.


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