Employers and DUI reporting policies

Question: I have a pending DUI in Los Angeles, CA. I am applying for a job and they did a background check and saw the arrest and pending charge. Why do they care about this if I have not been convicted yet? It is a job where they provide a company car and I drive for work…but still…the DUI charge is not even a conviction yet???
Answer: An arrest with a pending charge could lead to a conviction (as opposed to an arrest and dismissal or acquittal of that charge). So perhaps an employer doing a background check wants to see about potential issues, particularly where driving insurance issues (where you drive while on the job) can become an issue. I am speculating though, as a companies interest in an arrest and pending charge may change from company to company. Did the company in question ask you specifically if you had any arrests or pending charges? Or did they just do a background check on you?
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney