2nd DUI can i get my drivers license back

Question: Can i get back my CDL after I have lost it for 2nd offense DUI in Van Nuys Los Angeles County, CA?
Answer: Did you have an attorney represent you on your 2nd DUI (or…if the case is still pending, I would recommend hiring one). In California, there is a license suspension for a 2nd offense DUI, but options to get restricted licenses after a certain amount of time, and then eligibility to get the full drivers license back after complying with the terms of the court and DMV. If you didn’t have an attorney on your 2nd DUI, or the DUI is still pending, call me immediately to discuss further. I would need to know more about your case to advise on the suspension and when your eligibility to get a restricted license and full license back. In most 2nd DUI cases, it is possible to get an IID restricted license after 90 days, and the full license back after 2 years. There is also additional info at https://www.philhachelaw.com/dui/
Phil Hache
DUI Defense Attorney