El Segundo DUI & DMV hearing Attorney

Crimina charges based on arrests out of El Segundo, CA get sent to Airport Court, often referred to as LAX.  I have a successful track record defending criminal charges such as Driving Under the Influence (DUI), driving on suspended license, theft, drug charges, and other criminal offenses, and getting charges dismissed and reduced to lesser offenses.

When it comes to DUI charges, I have spent a lot of time defending DUI charges and DMV hearings in El Segundo.  Many DMV hearings in Los Angeles take place at the El Segundo Driver Safety Office.  Whether it be an Admin Per Se hearing based on a DUI arrest, or another driver license issue such as a negligent operator, fake I.D., or physical or mental condition issue, I have a successful track record of helping protect my clients driving privileges.   I regularly advise other criminal defense attorneys and speak at seminars and  on how to defend cases at the DMV and would be happy to use my knowledge and skill to protect your driver’s license.

DMV Hearings for DUI and other driver license related issues

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Phil Hache
Criminal Defense, DUI and DMV hearing Attorney – El Segundo