DUI with child endangerment

Question: I was arrested for a DUI i was under the influnce of prescribstion pills and methadone, both prescribed to me. My 10 year old child was in the car so i am also being charged with indangering a child. This was my first DUI in Los Angeles (Van Nuys to be specific) but i do have a criminal record and a few felonys (falsifing a money order and forgery) i have done jail time before as well. i am working with DCYS, going to NA/AA meetings, working on getting into therapy, and am also trying to enroll in parenting classes. will i go to jail?
Answer: The enhancement with the child endangerment definitely complicates thing. It is hard for me to say how strong or weak your case is based solely on what you wrote. Call me to discuss further. If the driving was not to bad, then prescription drug cases can be very defensible. Did you have any pills on you when arrested? If not, that can also make things harder for the prosecutor.