DUI with blood tests but no alcohol

Question: I was arrested for a DUI in Glendale, CA. I had no alcohol in my system, but I did have a xanax in my system (without a prescription). Will they test the blood sample for drugs or just alcohol?
ANswer: It is possible that they may check for drugs in the blood sample. Did the officer ask you whether you were taking any prescription or non-prescription drugs? DId you perform FST’s (including a Preliminary Alcohol screening test) prior to being arrested, and if so, how did you do? Did they have you perform additional tests (referred to as DRE’s) after you were arrested? Did the officer give you a choice between breath and blood test, or just give you the blood test option? A lot of variables to be answered that can help speculate as to whether or not they will test for drugs. Call me to discuss further as I handle DUI cases in Glendale, CA.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer