DUI probation and subsequent DUI arrest in Torrance, CA

Question: How do I check if I’m still on DUI probation from a DUI conviction in San Fernando, CA? When does probation start? I was arrested for DUI in Torrance the other night. Am I going to lose my license for a year if I am still on probation? Is there an APS meeting for DMV? What actions can I take?
Answer: Probation starts once there is a conviction and you are sentenced. You need to find out how long your probation period is for, and it started on the day you were sentenced. You or your lawyer can get a minute order from the court to determine your conviction date and how long the probation period is for if you can’t find your original paperwork.
It is possible that you will lose your drivers license for a year (without the option of a restricted license) based on the probation violation. You should contact a DUI lawyer in to discuss defending these matters further with the Court and DMV. Feel free to call me to discuss your matter further.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer