DUI with accident and high bac in Compton, CA, can it be dismissed?

Question: I was arrested 5 days ago when I crashed my car in Compton, CA and charged with DUI. The officer says that I admitted to driving, but I don’t recall that. I don’t believe he performed field sobriety tests. When I arrived at the jail, I agreed to the BAC Datamaster test. My first reading was 0.22, but I ran out of breath on the second reading. I asked the officer if I should try again to get a proper reading, but he said that one was fine. My printout from the machine says “refused” for the second reading, though, and I, without any doubt, did not refuse.
Answer: Lots of variables and potential defenses that can help despite of the high BAC level. Contact a DUI attorney in your area to discuss this case in more detail, and potential defenses that can come into play. I would be happy to talk to you further about this as I handle DUI’s in Compton, CA. Time of driving, proving driving, etc. can be potential issues that could work to your advantage.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer