DUI Trial in Torrance, CA

Question: Is it normal for the police to be questioning the person that was in the car with me when I was stopped for dui in Torrance, CA. It’s been a while since the stop, but my DUI trial is about to happen and they are trying to speak to the passenger in my car?
Answer: Whether it is normal is not the important question. Whether or not the passenger is required to speak to the officer is the important question. Was the passenger subpoena’d for the trial? You should talk to your DUI attorney regarding this matter (I assume you have a DUI attorney handling the trial for you, no?). If the passenger does not want to talk to the officer, he or she may want to get their own attorney to intercept the call, in which case the requests may subside. Generally speaking though, it is not normal in DUI cases for the police to contact the passenger some time after the DUI arrest.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer