DUI Van Nuys DMV and Drivers license

Question: I Received my drivers license back in mail today from the DMV after it was taken away after getting a Van Nuys DUI about 3 weeks ago. Why did this happen and what does it mean? Van Nuys Court also charged me with a refused breathalyzer. I haven’t been to court since getting my DUI. Thank you for any input!
Answer: First, you should confirm that it is a drivers license and not just an identification card. Second, seems odd that they would send you a license with a pending DUI & Refusal charge. I am speculating that perhaps the DMV missed the “refusal allegation,” had no Breath or blood test results, and determined (perhaps mistakenly) that they should return your license back to you. I would strongly recommend that you discuss this situation with your DUI attorney (or get one if you don’t have one already). The DMV in California can be peculiar. It’s possible that the DMV could make a mistake and you take advantage of it, only to have it come back to bite you later on. A DUI attorney can review your case (both as it pertains to the DMV and the Court) and advise you from there. I am happy to discuss this matter further with you in a free consultation. Call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss further.
Phil Hache
DUI defense attorney