2nd DUI and driving on suspended license

Question: I was convicted of a DUI in San Fernando, CA a while ago and my license was suspended. I have not be in any trouble since then until a week ago. I was arrested for another DUI and driving on a suspended license in los angeles, CA. I am out on bond and I go to court soon. I am wondering what should I prepare myself for? Am I facing jail? What is the average sentence given for this? Please help!
Answer: Based on the issues you presented (including a 2nd dui and driving on a suspended license and what looks to be a probation violation) I would strongly recommend that you discuss your case in more detail and hire an experienced owi attorney in your area. Penalties can be severe. Ioffer free initial consultations. At a consultation after discussing your case in more detail, I can let you know what the minimum and maximum penalties you could be looking at, and give you an estimate of what the potential consequences could be for your specific case and situation. Based on my experience, defenses to the case etc., it may be possible to reduce or dismiss some of the charges, mitigate potential consequences, etc.
In CA, a 2nd offense DUI, driving on a suspended license, and potential probation violation can lead to some extended jail time, and defending the charges with a good DUI attorney is a good idea. I have had a lot of success in handling these types of matters and would be happy to help you.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer