DUI conviction not showing up

Questions: I have a DUI conviction based out of San Diego that didn’t show up on my background check, but it shows I have a warrant out of LA.

I recently had a pre-employment background check done and they sent me a copy of the report. It doesn’t show the DUI conviction even though I disclosed it but instead shows an active warrant. Why wouldn’t the DUI show up on my record?

Answer: There could be several reasons why the DUI from San Diego did not show up on the background check, including, perhaps it was not processed properly by the Court. How long ago was the conviction? Did you print up your DMV driving record history to see if it shows up there?

Also, I would recommend handling or having an Attorney getting your Warrant in Los Angeles that you wrote about recalled and quashed. I would not be surprised if many employers had an issue with that (among other reasons to get the warrant recalled and quashed. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss the Warrant issue in more detail. 818-336-1384.

Sincerely, Phil Hache, Attorney