DMV made an error on my record and posted 3 DUI

Question: In 1999, I got a DUI in California, nine years later, I got another DUI in Southern California along with a refusal do the breathalyzer or take a blood test. I received a letter from the DMV in Van Nuys stating that my license was suspended for 2 years, I completed my program for 2nd time offenders. Now it turns out the DMV made a mistake and they have on my record that I have three DUI’s. Since 2009 I’ve been unemployed. Can I sue the DMV? I know with the 9-year span between the two DUI’, would not have been an issue in hiring me.
Answer: If you are having issues getting the DMV to correct their records, you should consult with a DUI attorney to handle further to clear the record of the extra DUI. As for suing the DMV, you should consult with a civil attorney on that matter…although, it sounds like it would be a tough case to win and get damages…but then again, a civil attorney may have a different opinion on that.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer