Am i allowed to drink on an informal dui probation

Question: Am i allowed to drink on an informal dui probation? I was convicted for the DUI in Van Nuys, CA a few months back. I was told at my alcohol course that anyone with a DUI conviction is barred from drinking at all while on probation in all circumstances.
Answer: Who ever told you that is misinformed or lying. There is no “catch all” you can not drink at all in all circumstances for DUI probation. In actuality, It depends on the terms of your probation. Check with your DUI attorney who handled the DUI case. Also, the terms of your probation should be listed on the sentencing sheet that you received from court (laying out the terms of probation). Usually in DUI convictions, “not consume any alcohol” is not a term of probation, although there are exceptions. There is a difference between “not drive with any measurable amount of alcohol in your system…” and “…do not consume any alcohol.” Also, if you were to get charged with public intoxication, or something of that nature, it could violate the term of probation “….obey all laws…” Verify the terms of your probation to be sure exactly what the terms of your DUI probation are.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer