Can I terminate probation early?

Question: Is there any way I could terminate probation early (I have been on probation for 1 year).  I am concerned that being on probation will cause me problems as I try to look for a new job.  Also I want to expunge this from my record.  I read that I can not do that until probation is finished.  Is that true?

Answer: Early termination of Probation is possible, and the likelihood of success varies depending on certain situations. Some are tougher than others.  Also the terms of your sentencing and what you are convicted of also play into this.  For example, what were you convicted of?  How long is your probation period for per your sentencing?  (ie.  2 years, 4 years, etc.).  Additionally, generally speaking (unless a term is subsequently waived by the Court), you need to have completed all the terms of your sentencing other than the full term of probation.  For example, if there was a course you were ordered to complete, you need to have completed that.

There are many benefits to getting probation terminated early, including the possibility to get the conviction dismissed earlier.  That being said, Courts don’t generally terminate probation early just because someone does not want to be on probation anymore.  During this process I file a motion with the court including exhibit(s) to try to convince the court of why probation should be dismissed early.

Call me if you would like to discuss it in further depth at (818) 336-1384. No charge for the call.  I have successfully had motions to terminate probation early granted in the past.


Philip Hache, Clearing Criminal Records