Issues with California DMV accepting out of state DUI classes

Question: I got a DUI in San Fernando, California several years ago before moving to Hawaii. A judge allowed me to take the required DUI classes to get my driver’s license back. I completed the classes in Hawaii and ended up moving back to San Fernando, California and tried to get my license here, but now they will not accept the classes. Is this normal? Is there anyway around it? I paid the fees, paid for the classes and completed it all. Now I still do not have a drivers license and need a way to get to work.

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  1. Answer: This is the Normal. If your DUI conviction was in California, even if the Court allows you to complete classes in a different state, California DMV will require you to complete a CA DUI class in order to get your CA license back. There is a potential way around this by filing what’s called a 1650 form with the DMV in order to get an out of state license (if you live in that state) even though your CA drivers license is suspended.