Avoiding Jail time with DUI

Question: Can I avoid jail time with a DUI? I was driving when an officer pulled me over for a speeding ticket and asked me take the breath test. I was over the legal limit, but not by much. Why did the officer give me a DUI? I don’t think I have a chance to defend myself here. What should I do?

1 Response

  1. Answer: Yes, it is very possible to resolve the case without jail time. Is this a 1st DUI? Or do you have prior DUI’s? What court is your DUI case in (it should say on the bottom of the citation you received when you were arrested). Also, it may be possible to get the DUI charge dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge. I am an experienced DUI attorney and can assist you with this matter. I can be reached at 818-336-1384. If the location of your DUI arrest is in a jurisdiction that I don’t practice in, I can probably forward you to some other very experienced DUI attorneys in that area. I am a member of a couple DUI defense associations across California, including the California DUI Lawyers Association.