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I handle DUI, Criminal, and traffic matters throughout Los Angeles and surrounding counties.  If you are arrested for a DUI or other Criminal charge in Beverly Hills, your criminal matter will happen in another Court.  I handle DUI and Criminal Charges throughout Los Angeles county, including Van Nuys Court and LAX/Airport court and can assist you in those matters for you.  I have a successful track record of getting DUI and other criminal charges dismissed and reduced to lesser offenses.

Since Beverly Hills Court handles traffic matters, I will focus this page on traffic violations.  Beverly Hills Court is well known for processing a ton of traffic tickets.  On any given morning, if you walk into Beverly Hills court you will see a line that seems infinitely long of people waiting to inquire about the traffic violation they received.  Ultimately, the trials for traffic tickets that start in Beverly Hills Court take place in Santa Monica Court.

There are many reasons to hire a qualified Traffic Defense Attorney to handle your violation.  Including, but not limited to:
1.  Avoid steep fines
2.  Avoid DMV points which can lead to increased insurance costs and potential suspension of your drivers license based on a negligent operator drivers license suspension.  .
3.  Save time from trying to fight it on your own

If you are a commercial driver or drive for work, what could be a bad situation from a traffic violation becomes even more significant.  For many, driving is their livelihood.  That is more true for commercial drivers than probably any other profession.  I understand the importance of that
I have been very successful in fighting traffic violations in Beverly Hills Court, including getting charges dismissed.

I take fighting traffic violations very seriously, regularly putting in more work fighting a traffic violation than some attorneys put into fighting misdemeanors or felonies.  This often includes issuing subpoena’s, writing motions, cross examining police officers, etc.

I am happy to speak to you about your traffic violation in more detail.  Whether it is a speeding ticket, a red light ticket, turning violation, logging book violation, or other traffic related violation, I am here to aggressively fight your ticket!

Feel free to call me at (818) 336-1384 to discuss your case in more detail.
Beverly Hills Court; handling traffic related matters


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