Arrested for speeding and DUI in Woodland Hills

Question: I was arrested for speeding and DUI in Woodland Hills and have a court date next month. Can a DUI attorney handle both?  And if so is this something I can call you about?

Answer: Yes, a DUI defense attorney can handle the DUI case along with the speeding issue. It is possible that the speeding may be a criminal enhancement (as opposed to an infraction). If the speeding was not excessive, most prosecutors won’t even bother with it (as far as a charge) and will only charge you for the more serious offense, the DUI pursuant to VC 23152. But, if the speeding is excessive (ie. 20 miles+ over speed limit on residential road, or 30 miles+ over speed limit on freeway) then the enhancement to the DUI charge pursuant to VC 23582 can be quite serious.  The penalty for a DUI speed enhancement is a mandatory sixty (60) days county jail in addition to whatever your penalty ends up being for the VC 23152 DUI should there be a DUI conviction.

Note that because the speed issue for the mandatory jail time is an “enhancement” to the DUI charge, you can only be convicted of that if you are also convicted of the DUI.  It is also possible that you may be convicted of the DUI, but your attorney can convince the prosecutor to strike (ie. dismiss) the speed enhancement. 

Call me at 818-336-1384 to discuss further. If you were arrested in Woodland hills, CA, then your Court arraignment date will likely be in Van Nuys Court, Dept. 103.  I regularly defend DUI cases, including cases with enhancements, with favorable results.  

Phil Hache,

Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney
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