A different DUI Defense attorney is charging a lot

A different DUI Defense attorney is charging a lot

Question: What should I do if our DUI Defense attorney is charging us a lot.  We already paid her a lot of money and now she wants more money that we can’t afford?  Originally she quoted us $30,000 which we already paid.  Now she is charging $30,000 more based on additional charges that we didn’t know about originally.  Are there any options I can have?  After looking at your website I can already tell I should have called you before I called her.  Is it too late for that?

Answer: Granted I don’t know the specifics about your case…but that seems like very large amount to charge for a DUI. Is this a felony DUI causing great bodily injury or manslaughter?  I don’t know what the retainer states, but, based on what you wrote I would recommend talking  to another DUI attorney about your case.  I would be happy to speak to you if you would like to discuss this matter further.  I have many questions to ask you about your charges and then we could go from there.

For starters, are you charged with a misdemeanor DUI, or a Felony DUI?  Was there an accident causing great bodily injury or death?  What court is your case in?  How many hearings have you had so far.  Etc.

I have been hired by others in the same situation, sometimes on a pretrial basis, and sometimes for trial if the clients original Attorney did not want to handle a trial, or was charging an extreme amount that the client can not afford, or if the client did not agree with the services they were receiving from their attorney.

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