2nd DUI in Van Nuys after 1st DUI in San Fernando

2nd DUI in Van Nuys after 1st DUI in San Fernando

Question:  I got 2nd DUI in Van Nuys CA 30 days after 1st DUI in San Fernando 08. What are possibilities about how this will resolve?  I am scared about going to jail.  I have been reading on your site about what happens with a 2nd DUI and it does seem like I will be going to jail.  Is it possible to avoid this?

Answer: I am guessing that your first DUI case is still pending. Is that correct? If there is a 2nd DUI conviction, then you are looking at mandatory jail time, although in some instances it is possible to avoid actually setting foot in county jail.

Assuming both cases are still pending It may be possible to have one or both of the charges dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense to minimize penalties and potentially avoid jail time. There are other creative things that can be worked out sometimes in situations like this even if there are convictions.

Call me to discuss both cases in more detail as soon as possible if you would like a free initial consultation. Not only is defending each case important here, but the order in which they are attacked can play an important role as well as fighting the DMV matters to fight driver license suspensions based on these DUI arrests.

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