Will I need Interlock device even after probation ends?

Question: I got a 2nd DUI in Van Nuys, CA and it was pretty bad. After I am done with probation, will I still have to get an interlock in my car to get my license back?
Answer: Was there a court order for an Interlock device? If so, how long was the order for? Generally speaking, a Judge would keep someone on probation for the length of the Interlock restriction. For example, a Judge generally would not order an Interlock restriction for 5 years if the probation period was only 3 years. You should contact the attorney who handled your case for clarification on the terms of your sentence.
Also, when convicted of a DUI in Los Angeles County, the DMV also enforces the Interlock device requirement. Usually the court will make complying with the DMV as a term of the probation. If the DMV is requiring an Interlock device (IID), you will likely have to get one installed as required by the DMV in order to get your license back. It appears that the DMV will make you get the IID prior to getting your license even if you initially exempt out of the IID requirement.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer