two people charged with DUI

Question: My boyfriend and I were pulled into a parking lot, got out of the car in San Fernando, CA. The engine was off. Keys in pocket and doors shut no one else was in the car. The cops arrived because of us fighting. The witness statement says they didn’t see anyone driving just two people fighting. Despite our arguments we were contemplating whether to call a cab or friend to bring us home. When the cops showed up they arrested us both with DUI. What can we do?
Answer: There are certainly defenses to this case. Driving is an issue in the prosecutions case here…for both of you. And particularly, even if they could prove driving, they could not prove it as to both of you (assuming one person drove and one was a passenger). I would recommend that you each secure separate DUI counsel to defend this case. So to answer you question, it is possible to get DUI charges dismissed or reduced to lesser offenses….but that is much more likely to happen with a good DUI defense attorney. Call me to discuss further. I handle a lot of DUI cases in San Fernando, CA with very good results. Based on what you wrote, you have a good case to defend.