ticketed for not having a california license

Question: I got a ticket couple of days ago for driving without a valid California driving license. I have a valid Indian driving license and have been staying in CA for over a year. I have a court date in metropolitan court los angeles next month. How serious is this ticket? Why doesn’t my Indian license count?
Answer: If you are a resident of CA then you would be required to get a CA license after a certain amount of time being there (or be charged with a VC 12500 driving without a valid license).. I would need to know more about your living situation and the status of your car (ie. was it registered and insured in CA)? In California, this would likely be charged as a misdemeanor. I would definitely recommend having an attorney handle this matter for you. I have been successful at getting these charges dismissed. Call me to discuss further.
Phil Hache
Criminal & DUI Defense Attorney