2020 BLM Protests

Attorney Philip Hache assisting Peaceful Protesters arrested during BLM Protests 2020.

Social Injustice; Protests; Attorney Philip Hache assisting Peaceful Protesters in the 2020 BLM protests.

Social Injustices must stop. If you still have not watched the George Floyd video of his senseless killing, I recommend doing so. It is another eye-opening event pertaining to an ongoing issue, one where everyone’s eyes should already be open. I hope by now everyone has watched that video in its entirety.

Police Officers often times are put in difficult situations. To serve and protect is not always an easy task. They are held to a higher standard, as they should be since they are walking around with weapons and authority that is supported by the law. There are great Police Officers out there and there are some that do not meet that standard or fall far, far below it. I have witnessed both in my life and in my work as a Criminal Defense Attorney. What happened to George Floyd (and others) should never happen. An officer who would do that intentionally, with plenty of time to think about what he is doing, when there is little to no resisting or physical threat to him or those around him, should not have been given a badge to begin with, or should have had it taken away long ago when the problems started arising.

These protests go beyond this tragic event. Not every social injustice is on video. But that does not mean they are not happening every day, every hour, every minute. Not every social injustice rises to the level of death. But that does not mean they are not tragic. We can do better as a society. We must do better.

Attorney Philip Hache was one of three Attorneys in Los Angeles listed in Elle magazine as an Attorney involved in helping peaceful protesters who were arrested during the protests. https://www.elle.com/culture/career-politics/a32758338/pro-bono-lawyers-black-lives-matter/