restricted drivers license on 2nd DUI

Question: Have a 2nd DUI in Ventura. First DUI in Van Nuys, CA. Any chance I could get a restricted drivers license?
Answer: If there is a 2nd DUI conviction in CA, you can get an Interlock restricted license after 90 days as long as you were over 21 at the time of the arrest, there is no “refusal” enhancement by court or DMV, it is an alcohol related offense (ie. not drugs or prescription drugs), and you were not on probation for the prior DUI,
Another option is to get the DUI charges reduced or dismissed and win the DMV hearing (or acquittal at trial). I would highly recommend you consult with an Attorney to discuss your case in more detail. Feel free to call me to discuss your case further.
Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer