Restraining Order violation

How bad could this get for him!?

Question: My boyfriend was arrested yesterday. He previously had a Domestic Violence case with a restraining order issued against him. He and his girlfriend (who the restraining order was issued to protect) thought the restraining order was only for a year. Yesterday when his name was run in the system they told him the restraining order was for 3 years and that he was violating it by being in contact with his girlfriend. He and his girlfriend did not even know that there was still an active restraining order.

In addition to the restraining order violation issue, he also had a warrant for spousal abuse from a year ago. His bail amount is 50,000. What’s his chances of jail time? Is this something you can help with?

Answer: It is difficult to answer your question with any degree of certainty based on the limited information you provided.  Particularly with a couple matters in play (ie. restraining order violation issue, and warrant for spousal abuse issue). 

In regards to the restraining order violation issue, was it reported, and if so by who?  Or was he picked up on the warrant issue and they happened to inform him about the active restraining order?

It is possible to modify a restraining order when the alleged victim is on board with it.  In regards to the spousal abuse issue, I would need more info on that to give feedback on that. 

Feel free to contact me directly to discuss the matter further.  I regularly defend domestic violence charges and restraining order matters.

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