How to Remove a DMV point

Question: It is possible to remove DMV points already on my record with a class or course? I received a ticket and me not knowing anything about DMV points I ignored the traffic school. I now have a point on my DMV record and my insurance has spiked 20%. I have two cars as well, so a 20% increase is quite substantial. Is there anyway to remove the point from my DMV record at this point? Is this something an Attorney can assist me with?

Answer: This is not an uncommon situation or request. Yes, in some situations, it is possible to get post conviction relief to address a point on your DMV record. It generally depends on several factors such as when you paid the ticket, the Court the ticket was based out of, etc. It may be possible to reopen the case to fight the ticket (and maybe get a complete dismissal) or ask for judge reconsideration to get traffic school approved.

I would recommend speaking to an attorney who handles traffic tickets in the County that your ticket is based out of. I have been successful in accomplishing this. If your ticket was in Los Angeles or a surrounding County, call me at 818-336-1384 and I can give you a better indication if it is something I feel I can help you out with.

Sincerely, Philip Hache, Attorney