Question: Will I serve Jail time on a 3rd offense DUI in Metropolitan court downtown?

Answer: If there is a DUI conviction at Metro Court for a 3rd offense, then there will likely be jail time, although it may be possible to negotiate alternatives, such as house arrest. The question then becomes, how much time? I would need to know more about your case. For example, when were your prior convictions, and what were the details surrounding those cases (it may be possible to strike one of those priors so this current one isn’t charged as a 3rd offense). Also, what were the details for the current charge? Why were you pulled over? What was your BAC? Were you on probation at the time? Call me at 818-336-1384 and we can discuss the case in more detail.


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  1. Max

    Was not on probation at the time. My prior DUI’s were at Metro court in downtown Los Angeles in 2006, and first DUI in Malibu in 1998. Will call