Question: What will happen with my first DUI? Case is in San Fernando Court.

Answer: After being charged with a DUI, there will be an arraignment set up (which is the first court date). This generally where your attorney will begin negotiating with the prosecutor in defending your case. After which comes pre-trial hearings where negotiations can continue, and potential other motions with the court. If the case is not resolved in by the pretrial phase, then you would go to trial (which is where a jury would first come into the picture if it was a jury trial). As for penalties, a first DUI can include fines up to $1,000, Jail time potentially up to 6 months by statute, alcohol program up to 9 months, community service, probation, and other programs. That is generally worse case scenario for a standard first offense DUI with no enhancements, and those penalties can be significantly less when negotiated, and potentially the DUI charges reduced or dismissed completely. I would highly recommend consulting a DUI attorney regarding your case. Feel free to contact me at or at 818-336-1DUI.

Phil Hache,

Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney
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