What is House arrest? Is that possible for a 3rd offense DUI?

Question: What is House arrest? Is that possible for a 3rd offense DUI?

Answer: House arrest, in short, is when you are monitored (usually via an ankle monitor), and with exceptions, you are not allowed to leave your house or apartment. You are basically tracked so they can tell if you are going further away from your house than you should be. And if you leave your residence beyond any permission previously granted to you by the company monitoring you through the house arrest, there are generally consequences to pay.

Your attorney can try to negotiate for this in place of County jail for a 3rd offense DUI conviction.  There is also a process for trying to work this out post sentencing.  I have been successful in getting this granted for my client in the event they are looking at a longer incarceration period for 3rd, 4th, or 5th offense DUI’s, or felony convictions.  The first thing to do though is to attack your DUI case itself.  It may be possible to avoid the DUI conviction and mandatory minimum 120 jail sentence all together.

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