What happens to my California License If I got a DUI in another state?

Question: What happens to my California License If I got a DUI in another state?  I used to live in Los Angeles, CA and my drivers license is from California.  I moved out of state to Arizona this year to transfer colleges.  Not long after arriving in Arizona, I got a DUI.  Will California DMV find out about the DUI arrest in Arizona?  Will they do anything to my drivers license if I am ultimately convicted of a DUI?

Also, does it make a difference that I am under 21?

Answer: In most states, the DMV records are basically shared with each other. Thus, it is likely that any license suspension due to a DUI in one state will effect your CA License.  This is true with Arizona as well.  Further, I have dealt with DMV issues following an Arizona DUI.  Sometimes the DMV reads one Arizona DUI conviction as two.  If that happens, the CA drivers license suspension that you face can be much more severe (in error) as the drivers license suspension for a 2nd DUI is longer than a 1st DUI.

Secondly, yes, if you are under 21 on a first offense DUI, you will face a 1 year CA drivers license suspension  if you are convicted of a DUI or alcohol driving related charge based on a zero tolerance issue.

If you are charged with a DUI in another state, I would recommend that you contact a DUI attorney in Arizona, in the County where your court hearings will take place.  Also, in California, the DMV only gives you a 10 day window for you or your attorney to request a DMV hearing pertaining to the DUI arrest.  Not sure if Arizona DMV is similar, but regardless, I would recommend contacting a DUI lawyer out there sooner as opposed to later.

Good luck with everything.

Phil Hache
DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney