What happens if I drive on a suspended license?

Question: What happens if I get caught driving on a suspended license?

Answer: If you get pulled over and subsequently cited or arrested for driving on a suspended license, you will be charged with a VC 14601 or subsection of that statute (ie.  14601.1, 14601.2, ….14601.5, etc). Depending on why your license was suspended, there are different subsections of that statute. Is it suspended based on a DUI?  If so it will be charged under VC 14601.2 and the penalty includes mandatory jail time if convicted under that statute.    If you were on probation at the time you were stopped, that is an additional issue to worry about.

There are other potential reasons that your driver license can be suspended leading to a VC 14601 charge.  If for unresolved traffic ticket issues, then usually charged under VC 14601.1, if it is due to an adverse DUI ruling based on a DUI arrest (but no court conviction for DUI), then VC 14601.5.

Whatever the case is, I regularly handle VC 14601 cases and would be happy to represent and defend you on this case.

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Phil Hache
DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney