What can I do if I was arrested?

What can I do if I was arrested?

Question:  I was caught with some drugs on me but it was a very small amount.  The cop said he was thinking about letting me go, but I was still arrested.  I really don’t want to have a criminal record or go to jail if it can be avoided.  Thanks for your  time.

Answer: Have charges been filed against you? If so, I would recommend hiring a criminal defense attorney to handle the case to help mitigate any potential consequences. You may even want to hire an attorney “pre-filing” in order to contact the D.A. to try to persuade them from filing charges.

Feel free to call me at (818) 336-1384 to discuss your case in more detail so I can give you a more detailed assessment of your case.  For example, I would like to know what led to you getting approached by the officer(s), what kind of drug(s) were you in possession of, and how much, do you have any previous criminal convictions, if so what?  etc., for starters…

There are many potential defenses and options on possesion of drug cases depending on the specific scenario.

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