Question: Pulled over for DUI in Encino, CA. Did the police officer commit perjury? My car was properly registered, but Officer claims it was not even though he knew it was. Can DUI Defense Attorney in Encino help?

Answer: It is perjury if the officer was aware that your car was registered the whole time, but claims to have pulled you over for that reason. How do you know the officer was aware it was registered? Did you show him proof? Did he take the stand in your case if your DUI case has already gone to trial? If so, while on the stand, did he state that he “thought” there was a registration issue” or that there “was” a registration issue. Also, if there was a DUI trial already in Van Nuys, CA did your DUI attorney question him about that in cross examination and show the officer proof that the car was in fact properly registered? You didn’t write much about your actual case, so I am limited on how I can assess your case. You should contact a DUI attorney to discuss your case in more detail and discuss the possibility of appealing any adverse trial outcome that has already been handed down if that is the case. Or have a DUI attorney handle your case if it has not yet gone to Court.

Phil Hache,

Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney
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