How will a Theft conviction effect my employment

How will a Theft conviction effect my employment

Question: Is there anything I can do to keep my school and employer from finding out about my theft?  I was arrested recently for stealing about $40 worth of stuff from a store and getting caught.  I know I screwed up, but it is my first offense and I am hoping it is not going to ruin my life.

Answer: If you fight the case, you may be able to enter into what is called a civil compromise with the store, get the charged dismissed, or reduced to an infraction. You should contact a Criminal Defense  attorney in your area to discuss your case in more detail and potential options. If your theft case is in Los Angeles County, feel free to contact me to discuss your case in more detail.  I have been successful in getting petty theft charges dismissed.

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In the meantime, there is more information here that you may find useful:  Petty Theft

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